The mission of Urban Counseling Institute is to provide substance abuse counseling services to urban populations that would not normally have the opportunity to engage in alcohol/drug counseling. Urban Counseling Institute focus is to break down barriers and stereotypes in the urban communities concerning the need for counseling.  UCI realize many people in the urban community can't afford infividual or group substance abuse counseling services and it is our mission to seek resources that would enable people to have a wide range of alcohol/drug abuse treatment services available to them.


Urban Counseling Institute is an ADAA State Certified Comprehensive Substance Abuse Treatment Facility. The objective is to support clients in achieving abstinence and enhancing recovery within the community. Urban Counseling Institute further provides its services in close cooperation with a variety of detoxification and residential programs and community self-help groups. The client is expected to be involved in determining his/her own treatment goals. The Urban Counseling Institute program is available to all without regard to race, sex, religion or national origin.